Diversity Program Alumni Updates

Every year, college students at schools supported by the NIGMS Division of Training, Workforce Development, and Diversity receive training and lab experiences needed for careers in biomedical science. The following individuals were selected by their institutions as successful alumni who went on to pursue scientific careers. We congratulate all former program participants on their accomplishments!

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Dr. Omolola Eniola-Adefeso

Highlighted Profile: Omolola Eniola-Adefeso, Ph.D.


Lola Eniola-Adefeso was a Maximizing Access to Research Careers student at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, where she graduated with a B.S.E. in chemical engineering in 1999. She earned a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania in 2004 and spent 2 years at Baylor College of Medicine in the department of pediatrics as an NIH postdoctoral fellow. She is now an associate professor of chemical engineering at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. Read about Eniola-Adefeso's research in Findings magazine [PDF].

Dr. Lee Aggison Headshot 

Lee Aggison, Ph.D.
Aggison was an associate professor of molecular and cell biology and associate dean of the Graduate School at the University of Connecticut.

Dr. Renato Aguilera Headshot 

Renato Aguilera, Ph.D.
Aguilera is a professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Texas at El Paso.

Dr. Silvia Bigatti Headshot 

Silvia Bigatti, Ph.D.
Bigatti is an associate professor of psychology at the Indiana University School of Medicine.

Dr. Jason Biggs Headshot 

Jason Biggs, Ph.D.
Biggs is an associate professor of marine biology at the University of Guam Marine Laboratory.

Dr. Dolores Bradley Brennan Headshot 

Dolores Bradley Brennan, Ph.D.
Bradley Brennan is interim vice provost, director of undergraduate research and a professor of psychology at Spelman College.

Dr. Alejandro L. Briseno Headshot 

Dr. Alejandro L. Briseno
Briseno is a professor of polymer science and engineering at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Dr. Justin Brown Headshot 

Justin Brown, Ph.D.
Justin Brown is an associate professor of biology at Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa.

Dr. Andrew G. Campbell Headshot 

Andrew G. Campbell, Ph.D.
Campbell is dean of the graduate school and a professor of medical science at Brown University, where he also directs the Pathobiology Graduate Program.

Dr. Luis M. Campos Headshot 

Luis M. Campos, Ph.D.
Campos is an assistant professor of chemistry at Columbia University in New York.

Dr. Violeta Chávez Headshot 

Violeta Chávez, Ph.D.
Chávez is an assistant professor of clinical pathology at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.

Dr. Samuel L. Díaz-Muñoz Headshot 

Samuel L. Díaz-Muñoz, Ph.D.
Díaz-Muñoz is an assistant professor of microbiology and molecular genetics at the University of California, Davis.

Dr. Shawn Drew Gaillard Headshot 

Shawn Drew Gaillard, Ph.D.
Gaillard is chief of the Developmental and Cellular Processes Branch in the Division of Genetics and Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology (GMCDB) at NIGMS.

Dr. Omolola Eniola-Adefeso Headshot 

Omolola Eniola-Adefeso, Ph.D.
Adefeso is an associate professor of chemical engineering at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor.

Dr. Laura Ferrer-Wreder Headshot 

Laura Ferrer-Wreder, Ph.D.
Ferrer-Wreder is an associate professor of developmental psychology at Stockholm University in Sweden.

Dr. Karen R. Flórez Headshot 

Karen R. Flórez, Dr.P.H.
Flórez is an associate behavioral and social scientist at the RAND Corporation.

Dr. Roberto Frontera-Suau Headshot 

Roberto Frontera-Suau, Ph.D.
Frontera-Suau is an associate professor in the department of biology at Elizabeth City State University in North Carolina.

Dr. Gabriel Galindo Headshot 

Gabriel Galindo, Dr.P.H.
Galindo is president of Public Health Research Services, LLC.

Dr. Yosif Ganat Headshot 

Yosif Ganat, Ph.D.
Ganat is a postdoctoral fellow in the Laboratory of Stem Cell and Tumor Biology at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

Dr. Melody S. Goodman Headshot 

Melody S. Goodman, Ph.D.
Goodman is an assistant professor in the Division of Public Health Sciences, Department of Surgery, at the Washington University School of Medicine.

Dr. Trachette Jackson Headshot 

Trachette Jackson, Ph.D.
Jackson is a professor of mathematics at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor.

Dr. Erich Jarvis Headshot 

Erich Jarvis, Ph.D.
Jarvis is a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator and a professor in the Laboratory of Neurogenetics of Language at Rockefeller University.

Dr. Marquea D. King Headshot 

Marquea D. King, Ph.D.
King is a toxicologist in the Office of Pesticide Programs at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Dr. Melvin Limson Headshot 

Melvin Limson, Ph.D.
Limson is director of education programs at the Association for Molecular Pathology.

Dr. Farah Lubin Headshot 

Farah Lubin, Ph.D.
Lubin is an assistant professor of neuroscience and cell biology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Dr. Alvin McKelvy Headshot 

Alvin McKelvy, Ph.D.
McKelvy is a regulatory specialist at Technical Services International.

Dr. Sandy Merino Headshot 

Sandy Merino, Ph.D.
Merino is a senior scientist at Novozymes, Inc., in Davis, Calif.

Dr. Teshamae Monteith Headshot 

Teshamae Monteith, M.D.
Monteith is an assistant professor of clinical neurology and director of the Headache Program at the University of Miami Health System.

Dr. Alejandro Morales Headshot 

Alejandro Morales, Ph.D.
Morales is an assistant professor of psychology at California State Polytechnic University-Pomona.

Dr. Marti Morales-Ensign Headshot 

Marti Morales-Ensign, Ph.D.
Morales-Ensign is an associate professor of biology at Adrian College in Michigan.

Dr. Olivier F. Noel Headshot 

Olivier F. Noel, Ph.D.
Noel is an M.D.-Ph.D. student at Pennsylvania State University, where he participates in the Medical Scientist Training Program.

Dr. Nomeli Nuñez Headshot 

Nomeli Nuñez, Ph.D., M.P.H
Nuñez is an associate professor of nutrition at Georgia State University.

Dr. Yvette Renee Pittman Headshot 

Yvette Renee Pittman, Ph.D.
Pittman is associate director of the Office of Education at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, NIH.

Dr. Arlie O. Petters Headshot 

Arlie O. Petters, Ph.D.
Petters is a professor of mathematics, physics, and business administration at Duke University.

Dr. Fatima Rivas Headshot 

Fatima Rivas, Ph.D.
Rivas is an assistant faculty member of St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

Dr. Sederick C. Rice Headshot 

Sederick C. Rice, Ph.D.
Rice is an assistant professor of biology at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff.

Dr. Henry Rodriguez Headshot 

Henry Rodriguez, Ph.D.
Rodriguez is director of the Office of Cancer Clinical Proteomics Research at the National Cancer Institute.

Dr. Alberto Rivera-Rentas Headshot 

Alberto Rivera-Rentas, Ph.D.
Rivera-Rentas is a research training officer at the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, NIH.

Dr. Edgardo Sanabria-Valentin Headshot 

Edgardo Sanabria-Valentin, Ph.D.
Sanabria-Valentin is an advisor, research coordinator and an assistant adjunct professor at John Jay College in New York.

Dr. Pablo Rafael Sacasa Headshot 

Pablo Rafael Sacasa, Ph.D.
Sacasa is chair of the department of chemistry, physics, and earth sciences at Miami-Dade College North Campus.

Dr. Marion B. Sewer Headshot 

Marion B. Sewer, Ph.D.
Sewer was an associate professor of pharmacology at the University of California, San Diego.

Dr. Sean L. Simpson Headshot 

Sean L. Simpson, Ph.D.
Simpson is an associate professor in the department of biostatistical sciences at Wake Forest School of Medicine.

Dr. Karen A. Singmaster Headshot 

Karen A. Singmaster, Ph.D.
Singmaster is a chemistry professor at San Jose State University.

Dr. Lisan L. Smith Headshot 

Lisan L. Smith, Ph.D.
Smith is a technology manager at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Dr. Elizabeth B. Torres Headshot 

Elizabeth B. Torres, Ph.D.
Torres is an associate professor of cognitive psychology and computational neuroscience at Rutgers University.

Dr. José A. Torres-Ruiz Headshot 

José A. Torres-Ruiz
Torres-Ruiz is chair of the biochemistry department and director of graduate studies at the Ponce School of Medicine.

Dr. Ruth Washington Headshot 

Ruth Washington, Ph.D.
Washington is executive director for faculty and graduate student retention, inclusion and success at Kent State University in Ohio.

Dr. Edwin John Weeber Headshot 

Edwin John Weeber, Ph.D.
Weeber is a professor in the Department of Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology at the University of South Florida.

Dr. Diedra Wrighting Headshot 

Diedra Wrighting, Ph.D.
Wrighting is student research training manager at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.