Diversity Program Alumni Updates: Olivier F. Noel, Ph.D.

Oliver F. Noel Ph.D. Headshot 

Olivier Noel participated in the Maximizing Access to Research Careers program at Queens College in New York, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry with a concentration in biochemistry and honors in biomedical science in 2011. He performed undergraduate research in the laboratory of Dr. Nathalia G Holtzman and was an American Heart Association fellow and president of the Science Organization for Minority Students. He is now an M.D.-Ph.D. student at Pennsylvania State University, where he participates in the Medical Scientist Training Program. He has completed his Ph.D. in biochemistry and molecular genetics and his current research focuses on identifying the genetics behind the positive health effects in patients following bariatric surgery, and developing novel therapies for diabetic patients. In addition, Noel is the co-founder and CEO of DNAsimple, a startup company that helps accelerate genetic research by connecting DNA donors with research scientists. In 2017, he was named a “30 Under 30” honoree in science by Forbes magazine.

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