Research Project Grants (R01)

A research project grant (R01) is awarded to an eligible institution on behalf of a principal investigator to support a discrete project related to the investigator's area of interest and competence. These grants make up the largest category of funding provided by NIGMS. R01 grants are often referred to as research projects, and the term research project grants is also used to refer to a collection of mechanisms that includes R00s, R01s, R15s, R21s, R37s, P01s, DP1s, DP2s and U01s.

Research project grants may be awarded to nonprofit organizations and institutions; governments and their agencies; occasionally, though rarely, to individuals who have access to adequate facilities and resources for conducting the research; and to profit-making organizations. Foreign institutions and international organizations are also eligible to apply for these grants.

Any qualified scientist may apply for support, as long as the sponsoring institution is willing to provide the facilities necessary to accomplish the research goals and to accept responsibility for grant funds if awarded.

These grants may provide funds for reasonable costs of the research activity, as well as for salaries, equipment, supplies, travel and other related expenses.

The current program announcement for unsolicited research project grant (R01) applications are PA-19-056 (clinical trial not allowed) and PA-19-055​ (clinical trial required).

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