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Biographical Sketch: Kenneth Gibbs, Ph.D.

Kenneth Gibbs
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Kenneth Gibbs, Ph.D., is a program director in the Division of Training, Workforce Development, and Diversity, where he handles the Predoctoral MD/PhD or Other Dual-Doctoral Degree Fellowships for Students at Institutions Without NIH-Funded Institutional Predoctoral Dual-Degree Training Programs (F30), Postbaccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP) and oversees predoctoral T32 biostatistics grants. He also manages research grants in the areas of stem cell biology, regeneration, and developmental signaling in the Division of Genetics and Developmental Biology. Additionally, he interacts with trainees through the Postdoctoral Research Associate (PRAT) Program.

Gibbs was previously a program analyst in the Institute’s Office of Program Planning, Analysis, and Evaluation. Before joining NIGMS, he was a cancer prevention fellow at the National Cancer Institute. Gibbs earned a B.S. in biochemistry and molecular biology from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, a Master of Public Health from Johns Hopkins University and a Ph.D. in immunology from Stanford University, where he also conducted postdoctoral research.

To contact Gibbs, send email to or call 301-594-3901.

If you’re a reporter wishing to interview Gibbs, contact the NIGMS Office of Communications and Public Liaison at or call 301-496-7301.​​​​​​​


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