Fellowship Application Deadlines

New fellowship applications must be postmarked by the application receipt date for each round:

Receipt Date
Initial Review
Group Meeting
Range of Likely
Start Dates
April 8June/JulySeptember/December
August 8October/NovemberJanuary/March
December 8February/MarchMay/July

The earliest possible award dates for regular research grants will be approximately 9 months after the application receipt date. Applications received too late for one cycle of review will be held for the next.

NOTE: Unlike other grant applications, individual NRSA applications are not reviewed by the National Advisory General Medical Sciences Council, but are reviewed by the NIGMS Fellowship Overview Group. The starting date for these grants may therefore occur as early as 6 months after the application is received.

Noncompeting Renewal Applications (Progress Reports) must be submitted 2 months before the beginning of the next budget period for that award.