Diversity Program Consortium Publications

The following publications cite at least one of the Diversity Program Consortium-affiliated grants.

Site-Level Publications on DPC Interventions

Ben-Zeev A, Paluy Y, Milless KL, Goldstein EJ, Wallace L, Márquez-Magaña L, et al. 'Speaking Truth' Protects Underrepresented Minorities' Intellectual Performance and Safety in STEM. Education Sciences (Basel). 2017;7(2). (San Francisco State University, SF BUILD)

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Daniels H, Grineski SE, Collins TW, Frederick AH. Navigating Social Relationships with Mentors and Peers: Comfort and Belonging Among Men and Women in STEM Summer Research Programs.. CBE Life Sciences Education. 2019;18ar17. (The University of Texas, El Paso, BUILDing SCHOLARS)

Davidson PL, Maccalla NMG, Afifi AA, Guerrero L, Nakazono TT, Zhong S, et al. A participatory approach to evaluating a national training and institutional change initiative: the BUILD longitudinal evaluation. BMC Proceedings. 2017;11(Suppl 12):15. (University of California, Los Angeles, CEC)

Estrada M, Eroy-Reveles A, Matsui J. The Influence of Affirming Kindness and Community on Broadening Participation in STEM Career Pathways Link to external website. Social Issues Policy Review. 2018; 12(1), 258-297. (San Francisco State University, SF BUILD)

Gildehaus L, Cotter P, Buck S, Sousa M, Hueffer K, Reynolds A. The Research, Advising, and Mentoring Professional: A Unique Approach to Supporting Underrepresented Students in Biomedical Research. Innovative Higher Education. 2019;44(2):119-131

Hueffer K, Ehrlander M, Etz K, Reynolds A. One Health in the Circumpolar North. International Journal of Circumpolar Health. 2019;78(1):1607502

Keller TE, Logan K, Lindwall J, Beals C. Peer mentoring for undergraduates in a research-focused diversity initiative. Metropolitan University. 2017; 28(3), 50-66. (Portland State University, BUILD EXITO)

Marsan LA, D'Arcy CE, Olimpo JT. The Impact of an Interactive Statistics Module on Novices' Development of Scientific Process Skills and Attitudes in a First-Semester Research Foundations Course. Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education. 2016;17(3):436-43. (The University of Texas, El Paso, BUILDing SCHOLARS)

McCreath HE, Norris KC, Caldern NE, Purnell DL, Maccalla NMG, Seeman TE. Evaluating efforts to diversify the biomedical workforce: the role and function of the Coordination and Evaluation Center of the Diversity Program Consortium. BMC Proceedings. 2017;11(12):27. (University of California, Los Angeles, CEC)

McIntee F, Evans KR, Andreoli JM, Fusaro AJ, Hwalek M, Mathur A, Feig AL. Developing Undergraduate Scientists by Scaffolding the Entry into Mentored Research. Scholarship and Practice of Undergraduate Research. 2018; 2(1): 4-14. (University of Detroit-Mercy, ReBUILDetroit)

Morales DX, Grineski SE, Collins TW. Influences on Faculty Willingness to Mentor Undergraduate Students from Another University as Part of an Interinstitutional Research Training Program. CBE Life Sciences Education. 2016;15(3). (The University of Texas, El Paso, BUILDing SCHOLARS)

Morales DX, Grineski SE, Collins TW. Faculty Motivation to Mentor Students Through Undergraduate Research Programs: A Study of Enabling and Constraining Factors Link to external website. Research in Higher Education. 2016:1-25. (The University of Texas, El Paso, BUILDing SCHOLARS)

Morales DX, Grineski SE, Collins TW. Increasing Research Productivity in Undergraduate Research Experiences: Exploring Predictors of Collaborative Faculty-Student Publications. CBE Life Sciences Education. 2017;16(3). (The University of Texas, El Paso, BUILDing SCHOLARS)

Nelson-Hurwitz DC, Buchthal OV. Using deliberative pedagogy as a tool for critical thinking and career preparation among undergraduate public health students. Frontiers in Public Health. 2019; 7:37. (Portland State University, BUILD EXITO)

Ott LE, Kephart K, Stolle-McAllister K, LaCourse WR. Students' Understanding and Perceptions of Assigned Team Roles in a Classroom Laboratory Environment. Journal of College Science Teaching. 2018; 47(4), 83-91. (University of Maryland, Baltimore County, STEM BUILD)

Roberts-Kirchhoff ES, Das S, Kuleck GA. New Spaces at the University of Detroit Mercy that Inspire Undergraduate Research and Innovation. Scholarship and Practice of Undergraduate Research. 2017; 1(2):34. (University of Detroit-Mercy, ReBUILDetroit)

Trujillo G, Aguinaldo PG, Anderson C, Bustamante J, Gelsinger DR, Pastor MJ, et al. Near-peer STEM Mentoring Offers Unexpected Benefits for Mentors from Traditionally Underrepresented Backgrounds. Perspectives Undergraduate Research and Mentoring (PURM). 2015;4(1). (San Francisco State University, SF BUILD)

Collaborative Publications on Interventions

Andreoli JM, Feig A, Chang S, Welch S, Mathur A, Kuleck G. A research-based inter-institutional collaboration to diversify the biomedical workforce: ReBUILDetroit. BMC Proceedings. 2017;11(Suppl 12):23. (collaboration between University of Detroit-Mercy, ReBUILDetroit, and the CEC)

Byars-Winston, A., Womack, V, Butz, A, McGee, R, Quinn, S, Utzerath, E, et al. Pilot study of an intervention to increase cultural awareness in research mentoring: Implications for diversifying the scientific workforce Link to external website. Journal of Clinical and Translational Science. 2018; 2(2), 86-94. (collaboration between NRMN and the CEC)

Collins TW, Aley SB, Boland T, Corral G, Cox MB, Echegoyen LE, et al. BUILDing SCHOLARS: enhancing diversity among U.S. biomedical researchers in the Southwest. BMC Proceedings. 2017;11(Suppl 12):12. (collaboration between The University of Texas, El Paso, BUILDing SCHOLARS and the CEC)

Estrada M, Eroy-Reveles A, Ben-Zeev A, Baird T, Jr., Domingo C, Gomez CA, et al. Enabling full representation in science: the San Francisco BUILD project's agents of change affirm science skills, belonging and community. BMC Proceedings. 2017;11(Suppl 12):25. (collaboration between San Francisco State University, SF BUILD, and the CEC)

Foroozesh M, Giguette M, Morgan K, Johanson K, D'Amour G, Coston T, et al. Building integrated pathways to independence for diverse biomedical researchers: Project Pathways, the BUILD program at Xavier University of Louisiana. BMC Proceedings. 2017;11(Suppl 12):28. (collaboration between Xavier University of Louisiana, Project Pathways, and the CEC)

Guerrero LR, Ho J, Christie C, Harwood E, Pfund C, Seeman T, et al. Using collaborative approaches with a multi-method, multi-site, multi-target intervention: evaluating the National Research Mentoring Network . BMC Proceedings. 2017;11(Suppl 12):14. (collaboration between NRMN and the CEC)

Jones HP, McGee R, Weber-Main AM, Buchwald DS, Manson SM, Vishwanatha JK, et al. Enhancing research careers: an example of a US national diversity-focused, grant-writing training and coaching experiment. BMC Proceedings. 2017;11(Suppl 12):16. (collaboration between NRMN and the CEC)

Kamangar F, Silver G, Hohmann C, Hughes-Darden C, Turner-Musa J, Haines RT, et al. An entrepreneurial training model to enhance undergraduate training in biomedical research. BMC Proceedings. 2017;11(Suppl 12):18. (collaboration between Morgan State University, ASCEND, and the CEC)

LaCourse WR, Sutphin KL, Ott LE, Maton KI, McDermott P, Bieberich C, et al. Think 500, not 50! A scalable approach to student success in STEM. BMC Proceedings. 2017;11(Suppl 12):24. (collaboration between University of Maryland, Baltimore County, STEM BUILD, and the CEC)

Pfund C, Byars-Winston A, Branchaw J, Hurtado S, Eagan K. Defining Attributes and Metrics of Effective Research Mentoring Relationships. AIDS and Behavior. 2016;20 Suppl 2:238-48. (collaboration between NRMN and the CEC)

Richardson DM, Keller TE, Wolf DSS, Zell A, Morris C, Crespo CJ. BUILD EXITO: a multi-level intervention to support diversity in health-focused research. BMC Proceedings. 2017;11(Suppl 12):19. (collaboration between Portland State University, BUILD EXITO, and the CEC)

Saetermoe CL, Chavira G, Khachikian CS, Boyns D, Cabello B. Critical race theory as a bridge in science training: the California State University, Northridge BUILD PODER program. BMC Proceedings. 2017;11(Suppl 12):21. (collaboration between California State University, Northridge, BUILD PODER, and the CEC)

Sorkness CA, Pfund C, Ofili EO, Okuyemi KS, Vishwanatha JK, on behalf of the NRMN team, Zavala, ME, et al. A new approach to mentoring for research careers: the National Research Mentoring Network Link to external website. BMC Proceedings. 2017;11(Suppl 12):22. (collaboration between NRMN and the CEC)

Taylor BE, Reynolds AJ, Etz KE, MacCalla NMG, Cotter PA, DeRuyter TL, et al. BUILDing BLaST: promoting rural students' biomedical research careers using a culturally responsive, one health approach. BMC Proceedings. 2017;11(Suppl 12):13. (collaboration between University of Alaska, Fairbanks, BLaST, and the CEC)

Urizar GG, Jr., Henriques L, Chun CA, Buonora P, Vu KL, Galvez G, et al. Advancing research opportunities and promoting pathways in graduate education: a systemic approach to BUILD training at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB). BMC Proceedings. 2017;11(Suppl 12):26. (collaboration between California State University, Long Beach, CSULB BUILD, and the CEC)

Publications from the National Research Mentoring Network

Butler J, III, Fryer CS, Ward E, Westaby K, Adams A, Esmond SL, et al. The Health Equity Leadership Institute (HELI): Developing workforce capacity for health disparities research. Journal of Clinical and Translational Science. 2017;1(3):153-9.

Byars-Winston A, Womack VY, Butz AR, McGee R, Quinn SC, Utzerath E, et al. Pilot Study of an Intervention to Increase Cultural Awareness in Research Mentoring: Implications for Diversifying the Scientific Workforce. Journal of Clinical and Translational Science. 2018; 2(2), 86-94.

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Hall M, Engler J, Hemming J, Alema-Mensah E, Baez A, Lawson K, et al. Using a Virtual Community (the Health Equity Learning Collaboratory) to Support Early-Stage Investigators Pursuing Grant Funding Link to external website. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 2018; 15(11), 2408.

Harwood EM, Jones AR, Erickson D, Buchwald D, Johnson-Hemming J, Jones HP, et al. Early career biomedical grantsmanship self-efficacy: validation of an abbreviated self-assessment tool Link to external website. Journal of Clinical and Translational Science. 2018; 2 (3): 118 – 123.

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Publications from BUILD Pilot Projects

California State University, Long Beach, BUILD Program

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