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Postbaccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP) (R25)

PREP awards encourage individuals from underrepresented groups or from a disadvantaged background who hold a recent baccalaureate degree in a biomedically relevant area of study to pursue a research doctorate. PREP participants receive support to work as apprentice scientists in a mentor’s laboratory and participate in courses for skills development. This program is expected to strengthen the research skills and academic competitiveness of participants for pursuit of a Ph.D. degree in biomedical sciences.

Grants are made to research-intensive institutions to support research experiences and courses for skills development to biomedically-oriented postbaccalaureates from underrepresented groups, who upon completion of a one year program are likely to successfully enter and complete a Ph.D. program in a biomedical science field relevant to the NIGMS mission. It is also anticipated that PREP awards will help awardee institutions achieve greater diversity in their doctoral programs.

For more information about PREP, please see the links below, consult the PREP program announcement (PAR-17-051), or contact Dr. Kenneth Gibbs at 301-594-3901 or Dr. Luis Cubano at 301-594-3900.

Information for Students or Recent Graduates

Information for Faculty Members

This page last reviewed on January 31, 2018