Grant Review Process

​​The grant review process at the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) is essentially the same as that operating throughout NIH and is a dual review system mandated by statute in accordance with the federal register 42 CFR Part 52h. The first level of review is carried out by scientific review groups, or scientific review panels, composed primarily of non-federal scientists with expertise in relevant scientific fields and current research areas. The second level of review is performed by the National Advisory General Medical Sciences (NAGMS) Council that is composed of scientific, medical, education, and public representatives. Only those applications that are recommended for approval by both the scientific review group and the council may be recommended for funding by the NIGMS director.

The NIGMS Scientific Review Branch (SRB)​ oversees the first part of this dual review process. Each scientific review group or peer-review panel is led by a scientific review officer (SRO), the designated federal official. SROs analyze the content of each application and check for completeness, recruit qualified reviewers based on the scientific and technical contents of the application, are responsible for ensuring that each application receives an objective, high quality, and fair initial peer-review, and that all federal laws, regulations, and NIH policies are implemented. SROs also identify and manage conflicts of interest, oversee administrative and regulatory aspects of peer-review meetings, and prepare final summary statements, which are used for the second level of review by the NAGMS council.