NIGMS National and Regional Resources (NRR) R24 Program FAQS

General Questions

What is the current Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA)?

The current NIGMS National and Regional Resources (R24) Program FOA is PAR-22-065, with one receipt date per year. This FOA will expire on June 15, 2025.

When are the due dates for the NRR R24 applications?

The due dates are June 14, 2022, 2023, and 2024.

Is there a website about the Program?

Yes. The link to the website with information with a list of NRR R24 Awardees is

When will funding decisions be made?

Following scientific review in late October or early November, pending applications are presented at the January/February National Advisory General Medical Sciences Council ( Funding decisions may be made by the NIGMS approximately three months after the Council meeting.

Do applications submitted to this FOA qualify for the Continuous Submission Policy?

No, applications responding to this FOA are not eligible for the Continuous Submission Policy.

Is a Letter of Intent (LOI) required to submit an NRR R24 application?

An LOI is not required but is highly encouraged. Potential applicants are strongly advised to contact NIGMS staff early, at least 6 months before the application due date, through the contact email: to discuss the NIGMS mission relevance and suitability of a proposed project for the NIGMS NRR R24 Program. An LOI should include the following information: (1) Descriptive title of proposed activity; (2) Name(s), address(es), and telephone number(s) of the PD(s)/PI(s); (3) Names of other key personnel; (4) Participating institution(s); and (5) Number and title of this funding opportunity. If you will request an annual budget of $500,000 in Direct Costs in any year, you should include this information in this LOI.

What steps should I follow if my application requests a budget of $500,000 in direct cost or more?

Applicants requesting $500,000 or more in direct costs in any year (excluding consortium F&A) must first discuss with a Scientific/Research Contact and send a Letter of Intent to at least 30 days before submitting the application.

How do I determine if my proposed resource suits the NIGMS NRR R24 Program?

The proposed resource could be suitable for the Program if the answers to all questions below are YES.

  • Is the resource technology/capability mature, i.e., it does not require further development and optimization?
  • Is the resource technology/capability unique, i.e., it is not widely available to individual laboratories?
  • Does the resource technology/capability support NIGMS mission-related research?
  • Does the resource have more than 100 users? If not, do you have a good plan to increase the userbase to more than 100 users? Alternatively, do you have a strong justification for a smaller user base?
  • Are the users from geographical areas within one or more US regions (e.g., West, Southwest, Midwest, Southeast, and Northeast) or across the nation?

Please contact NIGMS staff at for further discussions.


Can I submit an NRR R24 application if I have MIRA or vice versa?

Yes. NIGMS PD(s)/PI(s) holding a Maximizing Investigators' Research Award (MIRA) are eligible to apply. Since the NRR R24 supports resources, MIRA PDs/PIs are eligible for support through the NRR R24 funding. However, 51% effort required of a MIRA recipient applies to R24 PIs.

Can I submit a MIRA and an NRR R24 at the same time?

Yes, a PD/PI can submit a MIRA and NRR R24 simultaneously. If both MIRA and NRR R24 are awarded, the PD/PI will need to work with NIGMS staff to ensure the awards do not overlap scientifically.


Do investigators retain their NIH New Investigator (NI) status if they serve as project leads under the NRR R24?

Yes. A new investigator listed as a project leader and not designated as a PD/PI or MPI for the NRR R24 will retain NI status.

What is the minimum effort required for the PD/PI? What is the minimum effort requirement for MPIs?

An NRR R24 PD/PI must provide a minimum of 2.4 person months' effort to provide overall guidance, and at least one senior scientist must devote more than 6 person months of their effort to managing the resource. Each MPI must also provide a minimum of 2.4 person-months effort to the NRR R24 project. An NRR R24 PD/PI or MPI who is a current MIRA holder must maintain 51% research effort toward their MIRA and 2.4 person months' effort toward the NRR R24.


What is the maximum direct cost limit?

Application budgets are not limited but need to reflect the actual needs of the proposed project.

Can an MPI supported by an NIGMS R35 award receive any fundes for their lab from the NNR award?​

Yes. The NRR R24 is a resource, and effort under NRR is not considered a research activity.​