R24 Funded Resources - Structural Biology

NMR User Program at the National Magnetic Resonance Facility at Madison (NMRFAM)
University of Wisconsin, Madison

R24 Grant Number: R24GM141526
Principal Investigator: Katherine A. Henzler-Wildman
NMRFAM is a unique resource for high-field NMR that leverages mature technologies for scientists, especially those who are not NMR experts, in order solve a wide range of biomedical research problems. NMRFAM has a well-earned reputation for community engagement, excellent service, world-class instruments and staff support that pro-active addresses user requirements. This Resource was previously supported by the BTRR Program (P41GM103399).

National Biomedical Resource for Electron-Spin Resonance Spectroscopy (ACERT)
Cornell University

R24 Grant Number: R24-GM146107
Principal Investigators: Jack H. Freed, Ph.D., Madhur Srivastava, Ph.D., and Brian R. Crane, Ph.D.
National Resource for Advanced Electron-Spin Resonance Technologies (ACERT) provides an extensive range of modern ESR facilities for studying protein structure and function and protein and membrane dynamics using spin labeling techniques. This Resource was previously supported by the BTRR Program (P41GM103521). ​

National High-Throughput Crystallization Center (HTX)
Hauptman-Wo​odward Medical Research Institute

R24 Grant Number: R24GM141256
Principal Investigator: Sarah Elizabeth Johnson Bowman
The HTX National Crystallization Center provides unique protein crystallization services for structural biology to academic, government, and non-profit research institutes and industry. The automated crystallization system screens 1,536 crystallization conditions for each protein sample using the microbatch-under-oil method, monitors them with several imaging modalities over a period of six weeks and provides results through notifications, image sets and a final report. R24 grant support subsidizes access for non-profit organizations. This Resource was previously supported by R24GM124135.

Phenix R24 Resource
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

R24 Grant Number: R24GM141254
Principal Investigator: Paul David Adams
Phenix is a software suite that uses reduced data from X-ray diffraction, electron diffraction, neutron diffraction or cryo-EM 3D reconstructions to determine macromolecular structures. The Phenix Resource supports the continued maintenance and optimization of the Phenix code base, the improvements in program usability and integration with other community software resources, and the outreach, training and user support to help grow the community of Phenix users. This Resource was supported by P01GM063210.

The Southeastern Center for Microscopy of MacroMolecular Machines
Florida State University

R24 Grant Number: R24GM145964
Principal Investigator: Scott Stagg, Ph.D.
The Southeastern Center for Microscopy of MacroMolecular Machines (SECM4) at Florida State University is a service center that enables cryo-EM sample preparation, screening, high-resolution data collection, and training for universities around the Southeast. The SECM4 strives to lower the entry barrier to cryo-EM for structural biologists by making expensive cryo-EM instrumentation available to users through a lightweight application process.

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