IPERT Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can IPERT support student participation in the same conference proposed in the grant?

A. Yes, as long as the IPERT application contains all three core elements, there is no need to prepare a complementary R13 application for the conference.

Q. Can IPERT support activities at a national or regional scientific meeting without providing support to the conference?

A. Yes, IPERT activities may be held as an event within the schedule of sessions of a larger meeting.

Q. Can IPERT support a one-time, integrated educational activity with skills development, mentoring and outreach?

A. Yes, IPERT does not need to support multiple years.

Q. Is there really no budget cap to the IPERT?

A. That is correct, but note that the budget for the integrated activities must be well-justified and related to the scope of IPERT.

Q. Can one program support students or trainees at multiple academic levels?

A. Yes, as appropriate, an IPERT can support activities for undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and/or faculty.

Q. Can IPERT support research experiences for students?

A. No, IPERT is intended for an integrated program of activities including short courses/workshops, mentoring and outreach, in some balance. It is not designed to support extended mentored research experiences for a students.

Q. Can IPERT support activities that are offered throughout the year?

A. Yes, an integrated set of activities may include a year-long program of offerings for the same participants or different cohorts of participants.

Q. Can IPERT support the activities and students associated with a specific department, program or institution?

A. No, IPERT must be open to eligible participants from any institution or organization who are in the targeted demographic for the proposed integrated program. An IPERT should describe how individuals may apply for and are selected to participate in the program of activities.

Q. What is required in the evaluation plan for an IPERT?

A. The evaluation plan should be designed to assess the accomplishment of the desired program outcome(s). A complete evaluation plan will have measurable goals and objectives and that can be used to assess the success or impact of specific IPERT activities in achieving the desired outcomes.

Q. Must I provide a letter of intent?

A. No, but potential applicants are advised to speak with the program officer prior to submitting an application.