Research Organisms

See Funded Projects Using RePORT

NIH RePORTER is a searchable database of NIH-funded research projects, investigators, publications, and patents. Its search results show you lists of projects and names of funded researchers. Using the search criteria described below, you can find NIH-funded projects on a research organism of interest and identify potential collaborators. Here are some tips to modify your query on the RePORTER search form:
  • In the “Text Search” category, type in the research organism of interest. To include multiple organisms, use a comma in between each organism of interest. Choice the logic (and, or, advanced) and categories (title, terms, abstracts) you want to search.
  • For broader search results, include both the common name and scientific name for the organism(s) of interest (ie, Drosophila, fruit fly)
  • Enter additional search criteria of interest (ie, NIH institute, year, activity code, etc.)

RePORTER has more options for searching, including additional filters. Get step-by-step instructions and screenshots in the RePORTER Manual [PDF].