IDeA Co-funding

NIGMS co-funds investigator-initiated NIH research project applications from institutions within IDeA-eligible states, that are deemed meritorious after rigorous scientific review at other NIH institutes and centers (ICs), but are beyond the range of applications funded by that IC.


  • The nomination period is held once a year, and generally opens in January/February of the calendar year, and closes in early April.
  • The program is for investigator-initiated R01 and R15 applications from IDeA-eligible states that have been reviewed and scored well, but are beyond an Institute or Center's (IC) payline. Do also keep in mind that all the PIs and performance sites need to be in IDeA-eligible states. If a PI moves to a non-IDeA state, the co-funding is terminated. Keep in mind that the timing for IDeA Co-funding nominations may not line up with your application.
  • The IDeA Co-funding Initiative anticipates providing up to $320,000 in total costs for each of the first two years of a selected co-funded application.
  • PIs that are interested in being considered for the program should contact the Program Officer (PO) for the application and let them know that they are interested in being considered for IDeA Co-funding. The PO may also be able to provide insight on the potential outcomes and timeline for your application as it relates the Co-funding timeline.
  • The NIH ICs that have the primary assignment for the applications determine which of the applications they will nominate and send to NIGMS for consideration.
  • Each IC has its own process for choosing which of its applications will be nominated and determines what scores could be considered near their payline, so letting the PO know of interest in the program is all that is required a PI.

Contact Dr. Federico Bernal​​ if you have further questions about the IDeA Co-funding Initiative.