Allocation of NIGMS Training Resources

Action: Examine and adjust the allocation of NIGMS training resources across and within scientific areas and institutions.

NIGMS has always looked at a number of issues in addition to priority scores to identify which training programs to support, and it works to allocate funds on a fair, equitable and well-justified basis. Following extensive analyses and discussions of the current distribution of training resources, the Institute intends to be more proactive in aligning its funding decisions with its priorities.

When making funding decisions among those applications with outstanding priority scores, NIGMS staff will also consider whether programs:

  • address training in new and emerging areas of science,
  • have been highly successful in enhancing diversity,
  • have effectively leveraged slots to impact the overall institutional program,
  • are at institutions that do not currently receive NIGMS T32 support, and/or
  • explore models for training that are fundamentally different from our existing programs.

The realignment process will take place over the next several years and, in some cases, may gradually impact the size of existing training grants. NIGMS anticipates that this more goal-driven approach to funding will make the overall impact of its training programs even stronger, and in this way, further enhance the quality of biomedical research training.