Medical Genetics Postdoctoral Training Program

Contact: ​Dr. Rita Miller​

These programs are designed to foster research careers in basic and clinical aspects of human genetics and are targeted primarily at physicians and other professional-degree holders. These individuals have usually completed the equivalent of residency training but have had little research experience and are not appropriate candidates for other mechanisms of support. Training grant support may also be offered to holders of the Ph.D. degree who are specifically interested in pursuing research careers in human or medical genetics. Training is accomplished by a combination of formal courses and seminars, supervised research and training in clinical genetics. Although medical genetics programs are typically based primarily in medical school departments, training opportunities may be offered in both clinical and molecular genetics. The clinical genetics components are designed to prepare the fellows for careers in academic medicine and to allow them to qualify for certification by the American Board of Medical Genetics. These activities usually include didactic training in the diagnosis and counseling of patients with genetic disorders and exposure to diagnostic laboratory procedures. Clinical laboratory training may also be offered to Ph.D. fellows who seek board certification in cytogenetics, biochemical genetics and/or molecular genetics. The duration of training should be tailored to individual need and may well require support from multiple sources. In all cases, National Research Service Award support is limited to periods of full-time research training.