Training Modules to Enhance Data Reproducibility (R25)

In 2014, NIGMS solicited input on training activities relevant to enhancing data reproducibility. The responses revealed that there is substantial variation in training at different institutions. One reason is that "best practices" training in skills that influence data reproducibility appears to be largely passed down from generation to generation of scientists working in the laboratory.

To increase the likelihood that researchers generate reproducible, unbiased and properly validated results, in fiscal year 2015, NIGMS and nine additional NIH components issued a funding opportunity announcement (FOA; RFA-15-006) to develop, pilot and disseminate training modules to enhance data reproducibility . Appropriate areas for the modules included experimental design, laboratory practices, analysis and reporting of results, and/or the influence of cultural factors such as confirmation bias in hypothesis testing or the scientific rewards system.

For the benefit of the scientific community, the products of grants funded by this FOA are posted on the NIGMS website as they become available, together with other relevant training modules.

In January 2018 we reissued this Funding Opportunity Announcement (RFA-GM-18-002) to support development of additional training modules that will identify deficiencies and teach best practices in scientific culture and principles, good laboratory practices and record keeping, and experimental design and analysis.

For more information about this FOA, consult RFA-GM-18-002, read the Answers to Frequently Asked Questions, or contact Dorit Zuk.