Research to Understand and Inform Interventions that Promote the Research Careers of Students in Biomedical and Behavioral Sciences (R01)

The Research on Interventions program supports research that tests assumptions and hypotheses regarding social and behavioral factors that might inform and guide potential interventions intended to increase interest, motivation and preparedness for careers in biomedical research, with a particular interest in those interventions specifically designed to increase the number of students from underrepresented groups entering careers in these fields. The proposed research need not be restricted to students from underrepresented groups. Comparative research that analyzes the experience of all groups in order to place that of underrepresented students in context and to learn whether and how interventions should be tailored to make more underrepresented students successful in biomedical careers may well be particularly illuminating and is, therefore, encouraged. This funding opportunity is not designed to support evaluation of (an) existing programs; the purpose is to stimulate research on the underlying assumptions or hypotheses upon which they are built.

Prior Funding Opportunity Announcements for this research program have expired, but NIGMS will accept investigator initiated applications submitted through the Parent R01 Research Project Grant FOA PA-19-056 or the MIRA ESI FOA PAR-17-190. Current grantees of this research program may submit competing applications to continue their research through the R01 FOA or MIRA R35 FOA PAR-17-094.

For additional information about the Research on Interventions program, contact Dr. Michael Sesma or Dr. Mercedes Rubio.

Research on Interventions (R01) Awardees