MARC Sample Formats for Competing New (Type 1) and Competing Renewal (Type 2) Applications

All applications must include FORMS-D Data Tables 2 and 4 for undergraduates (new applications) or 2, 4, and 8D Part I (renewals). FORMS-D Data Tables should be uploaded to the Data Table section of the application form. Samples are found at the Forms-D Data Tables site.

Suggested tables A, B, C, D and E may be used to submit a MARC U-STAR competing application. While these tables are merely suggested, the information contained on them must be presented in the application in some format. Do not upload the suggested Tables A-E to the Data Table section or the Appendix. The data for Tables A, B and C should be included within the Program Plan and the data for Tables D and E should be included in the Progress Report. The following samples are available in Microsoft Word, PDF and HTML format.

Suggested Tables for All Applicants

Table A: Current Institutional Setting
Table B: Institutional Biomedical Ph.D. Completion Data
Table C: Current Science Diversity-Focused Student Programs

Additional Suggested Tables for Competitive Renewals

Table D.1: Past 5 Year MARC Trainee Record
Table D.2: Past 10 Year MARC Trainee Record
Table D.3: Past 15 Year MARC Trainee Record
Table E: Institutional and MARC U-STAR Underrepresented Ph.D. Rates
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