Sample Formats for Competing NIGMS Bridges to the Baccalaureate T34 Applications


All applications must include NIH Data Tables 2, 3, 4, 5C, and 8D (Part I or II, as applicable) and they should be uploaded to the Data Table section of the application form. Samples are found at the NIH Data Tables site.

Suggested tables A.1-A.3 and B.1, B.2, or B.3 may be used to submit a competing application for NIGMS Bridges to the Baccalaureate T34 programs. While these tables are merely suggested, the information contained on them must be presented in the application in some format. Do not upload the suggested tables A.1-A.3 and B.1, B.2, or B.3 to the Data Table section or the Appendix. The data for Tables A.1-A.3 and B.1, B.2, or B.3 should be included within the Program Plan. The following sample table formats are available in Microsoft Word, PDF, and HTML format.

For Bridges to the Baccalaureate prog​rams, please include information for participating departments and faculty for all participating institutions. Where possible, please annotate the table to indicate the institution of the department/faculty (e.g., Biology Department University X; Biology Department Community College Y).

Suggested Tables

Tables A.1-A.3 - Census of Participating Biomedical Departments and Interdepartmental Programs

Tables A.1-A.3 provide insight into the environment in which the proposed training will take place. It allows reviewers to assess whether the program has the "critical mass" of trainees and faculty and, in the case of interdepartmental programs, representation/distribution of scientific disciplines​ to ​support the proposed training program. This table also provides information about the baseline undergraduate graduation rates including students from underrepresented (UR) and well-represented (WR) populations.

Table A.1: Undergraduates and Faculty in Participating Biomedical Departments and Interdepartmental Programs
Table A.2: Student Population Characteristics
Table A.3: Undergraduate Graduation Rates (Average Last 5 Years)

Tables B.1-B.3 - Outcomes

Tables B.1, B.2, or B.3 is intended to provide previous trainee outcomes for the program described in the application (or for newly proposed programs describing outcomes for students in similar programs at the institution). Although the training tables (Table 8D, Part II) for new applications only allow for five years of recent graduate outcomes, the application may describe up to 15 years of outcome data using the tables B.1, B.2, or B.3.

Table B.1: Past 5 Year Trainee Record
Table B.2: Past 10 Year Trainee Record
Table B.3: Past 15 Year Trainee Record