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Thumbnail Hooked on Heme
Chemist seeks to block enzyme reactions that lead to certain cancers.

Thumbnail Viral Voyages
Structural biologist studies how viruses infect cells.

Thumbnail The Humpty Dumpty Dilemma
Chemical biologist uses "top-down" mass spectrometry to weigh proteins.

Thumbnail The Family Business
Computational biologist custom designs computer software to predict the three-dimensional shapes of proteins.

Thumbnail Enzymes, Magnets, Action!
Biophysicist and former professional basketball player studies enzymes using NMR spectroscopy.

Thumbnail Crystals for a Cure
Biophysicist reveals the atomic skeleton of a protein important for membrane function.

Thumbnail NIGMS Is on Instagram!
NIGMS is now on Instagram (@NIGMS_NIH), beaming all the gorgeous science images you can’t get enough of straight to your mobile devices.

Thumbnail The Rise and Fall of Microtubules
Meet microtubules, cellular employees that work many important jobs, and watch how they work.

Thumbnail Does Cholesterol Play a Role in Alzheimer's?
Researchers suspect that cholesterol might contribute to the development of Alzheimer's disease.

Thumbnail A New View of the Flu
Researchers discover how an anti-flu medicine interacts with a flu protein.

Thumbnail Cocaine Busted
Scientists discover an enzyme that breaks down cocaine into an inactive substance faster than any other such enzyme examined before.

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