Division of Data Integration, Modeling, and Analytics

The Office of Program Planning, Analysis, and Evaluation (OPAE)'s mission is to ensure that NIGMS has a cohesive, well-directed research program aimed at maximizing the impact of its resources and return on investment for taxpayer dollars. The OPAE accomplishes this function through a variety of activities, including performing in-house analyses that are both descriptive and predictive in nature, conducting multiple types of evaluations (e.g., outcome, process improvement, risk assessment, needs assessment), managing effective organizational performance, and proactively mitigating enterprise-level risk. In addition, the office actively engages in facilitating outreach and collaborations with other federal agencies and across Public and Private sectors to promote productive cross-agency efforts in these areas. The OPAE is structurally composed of two Sections: Evaluation and Legislative Activities, and Data Collection and Analysis.

Evaluation and Legislative Affairs (ELA) Branch

ELA sustains congressional outreach and engagement activities, including the composition of briefing materials for senior HHS, NIH, and NIGMS leadership, drafting of the Institute's Congressional Justification (CJ), preparation for Congressional briefings, and communications with Congress or other federal representatives on behalf of the Institute.

Data Collection and Analysis (DCA) Branch

DCA advances data analytics through curation, analysis, visualization, communication, and testing to better inform organizational decisions, solutions, and actions. DCA continuously identifies analytic needs; develops and implements enhanced analytical capacity and capability; tests new and experimental metrics, measures, and analytics; and fosters a culture of evidence-based decision making and actions throughout each functional component of the Institute.

Strategic Plans

Evaluation Reports

OPAE DCA Branch Brochure [PDF, 454KB]

For more information about NIGMS program planning, analysis, and evaluation, contact:

Dr. Richard Aragon
Chief, Office of Program Planning, Analysis, and Evaluation
National Institute of General Medical Sciences
National Institutes of Health
45 Center Drive MSC 6200
Bethesda, MD 20892-6200