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Career Development Award Application Deadlines

All applications for career awards must be postmarked by the application receipt date for each round:

Application Type Application Receipt Date Initial Review
Group Meeting
Advisory Council Review Earliest Start Date
New Career Development Award Applications February 12 June/July September December
June 12 October/November January April
October 12 February/March May July
Resubmission of Career Development Award
March 12 June/July September December
July 12 October/November January April
November 12 February/March May July


The earliest possible award dates for regular research grants will be approximately 9 months after the application receipt date. Applications received too late for one cycle of review will be held for the next.

Noncompeting Renewal Applications (Progress Reports) must be submitted 2 months before the beginning of the next budget period for that award.

This page last reviewed on September 09, 2014