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Han Chinese-American DNA Repository and Community Consultation

Ma-Li Wong, UCLA (Parent Award to Julio Licinio, UCLA)

This is a proposal for collection of DNA samples from 100-120 Han Chinese-Americans from the Los Angeles area for deposit into the NIGMS Human Genetic Cell Repository at the Coriell Institute for Medical Research, in the context of full community consultation and input. This proposal follows the "NIGMS Human Genetic Cell Repository Policy for the Responsible Collection, Storage, and Research Use of Samples from Identified Populations." NIGMS Pharmacogenetics Network investigators have repeatedly expressed a need for ethnically identified Han Chinese-American samples. It is expected that all data generated from these samples by NIGMS Pharmacogenetics Network investigators will be deposited in PharmGKB. This work will benefit from the expertise gained by our group in the course of a similar ongoing process of community consultation with the Mexican-American community in Los Angeles.

This page last reviewed on November 18, 2013