NIGMS-Supported Research Resources

Biomedical Technology Research Resources
These centers develop and provide access to technologies, facilities, methods and software in five broad areas: imaging, informatics, optical and laser technology, structural biology and systems biology.

Cell Migration Gateway
A comprehensive and regularly updated resource on cell migration research and related data.

Community Structure-Activity Resource
A resource for the highest quality data from a diverse collection of proteins and small molecule ligands.

A software platform for visualizing molecular interaction networks and integrating them with other data.

Drug Design Data Resource
A resource for advancing the technology of computer-aided drug discovery through the interchange of high quality protein-ligand datasets and workflows.

EFI-Enzyme Similarity Tool
A Web tool developed by Enzyme Function Initiative-supported scientists for generating sequence similarity networks of protein family members.

Functional Glycomics Gateway
This site provides resources and searchable databases for glycoscientists, especially those with interests in glycan-lectin interactions and signaling events.

Inflammation and the Host Response to Injury
A site that includes protocols for describing experimental procedures, such as isolating RNA and profiling gene expression, and for describing standardized procedures for collecting blood and patient data as well as managing the care of injured patients.

Lipidomics Gateway
A comprehensive resource for lipid research that includes a searchable lipid structure database, lipid standards database and useful research tools.

Medicinal Plant Research Resources
Two collections of metabolomic and genomic data for medicinally relevant plant species: Medicinal Plant Metabolomics Resources, Medicinal Plant Genomics Resource

Models of Infectious Disease Agent Study (MIDAS) Portal
An archive of published infectious disease models and modeling tools, as well as data from historical influenza epidemics.

Mouse Phylogeny Viewer
This online tool provides access to complete genomic data on 198 laboratory mouse strains.

NIGMS Human Genetic Cell Repository
A collection of cell lines and DNA from individuals with a wide range of genetic disorders, from normal controls and from individuals with diverse geographic origins.

Pharmacogenomics Knowledge Base (PharmGKB)
A curated knowledge base for researchers and clinicians containing information about the impact of genetic variation on drug response.

An access point to large collections of recorded physiologic signals from healthy and sick individuals and related open-source software.

Protein Data Bank
Information about experimentally determined structures of proteins, nucleic acids and complex assemblies.

PSI: Biology Materials Repository
A database for searching and ordering plasmid clones generated by Protein Structure Initiative-supported scientists.

PSI Structural Biology Knowledgebase
A portal to the protein structure and production resources generated by Protein Structure Initiative-supported scientists.

Signaling Gateway
A comprehensive collection of signal transduction research and information on more than 4,000 cell signaling proteins.

Systems Biology
A collection of software, databases, data and other resources from the NIGMS-funded National Centers for Systems Biology.