Accurately Acknowledging NIGMS Grants in Publications

​​It is important to acknowledge NIH funding in all publications, including research articles, press releases, and other documents about NIH-supported research. The Notice of Award includes information about such acknowledgements (also see Requirements for Acknowledging NIH-Supported Research and Attribution of NIH/NIGMS Support). 

If a PI has more than one NIGMS or NIH award, s/he should only cite the grant(s) that supported the research described in the publication. The specific aims should be the determining factor. This would apply even in cases where one of the authors on the article (e.g., a technician) works on multiple projects and is paid through multiple grants, or when equipment used in the reported work was purchased on a different grant. 

Acknowledging multiple awards in a publication may be taken as an indicator of scientific overlap among the cited projects. This becomes important when the PI's next application is being considered by reviewers, NIGMS Advisory Council members,​​ and NIGMS staff. For example, when considering support of research in well-funded laboratories​, our Advisory Council expects the Institute to support projects only if they are highly promising and distinct from other funded work in the laboratory.