Chemistry-Biology Interface Training Summit

NIH Campus

Start Date: 6/12/2007 8:30 AM

End Date: 6/22/2007 3:00 PM

NIGMS Chemistry-Biology Interface (CBI) Training Summit

NIGMS is sponsoring a meeting of the program directors and two students from each of the funded Chemistry-Biology Interface (CBI) training grants to be held at the NIH on June 21-22, 2007. The goals of the meeting are to assess CBI training today, to discuss the core elements and breadth of CBI training, and to envision the future direction of this program.  The CBI students attending will be exposed to a broader perspective on the chemistry-biology interface and career possibilities. The meeting will introduce faculty and students to other concurrent programs, which should stimulate cross fertilization. A summary report will be produced to serve as a useful reference for future applicants. Additional information on the CBI training grant program and a list of  currently sponsored programs can be found at the NIGMS Web site

The meeting is open to attendance by all interested individuals, especially faculty contemplating the submission of a CBI training grant application. For individuals wishing to attend sessions I or IV, registration is required and will be available through the meeting Web site links below.

(Registration is not required for invited faculty and students from the current CBI training grants whose registration will be handled through a contractor.)

CBI Summit Agenda

I. Scientific Session - Register
II. CBI Program Poster Session
III. Student Career Session
IV. CBI Program Director Session
- Register

I. Scientific Session

Thursday - June 21, 2007
Lister Hill Auditorium, NIH campus

8:30 am -    "Welcome and Overview of the CBI Program "
Michael Rogers, CBI Program Director

8:40 am -    "Role of Chemistry at NIH"
 Jeremy M. Berg, NIGMS Director

9:10 am -

Keynote Address

"Where Chemistry Meets Biology: View from the Trenches and from HHMI"
Thomas R. Cech, President HHMI & Nobel Laureate

10:10 am -    Break

Student Presentations

Moderators (10:30am - 12:30pm): Nicholas Dickenson, University of Kansas
Melissa Turman, Vanderbilt University

10:30 am - "New Chemical Probes for Studying Oxidation Biology"
Aaron Albers, University of California, Berkeley

10:50 am -   "A Semi-Synthetic Epitope for Kinase Substrates"
Jasmina Allen, University of California, San Francisco

11:10 am - "Design and Evaluation of Small Molecule Transcriptional Activators"
Sara Buhrlage, University of Michigan

11:30 am - "Hydroxyapatite Surface-Induced Biological Activity of de novo Designed Peptides"
Lisa A. Capriotti, University of Delaware

11:50 am - "Computational Design of New Enzyme Catalysts"
Jason DeChancie, University of California, Los Angeles

12:10 am - "Bypass of an Abasic Site Lesion Catalyzed by a Y-Family Polymerase"
Kevin Fiala, Ohio State University

12:30 pm - Lunch

Moderators (1:30pm - 3:30pm): Amanda Degraw, University of Minnesota 
Brad Pearse, University of Massachusetts

1:30 pm - "Imidazole Derivatives of (Et4N) 2 [Ni(ema)] as Mimics of the NiSOD Active State"
Roxanne Jenkins, Texas A&am - p;M University

1:50 pm - "Crystal Structure of a Sulfur Carrying Protein Complex found in the Cysteine Biosynthetic Pathway of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis"
Christopher Jurgenson, Cornell University

2:10 pm - "Inducing Cell Polarity with Immobilized Gradients of Extracellular Matrix"
Ralph T. Petty, University of Chicago

2:30 pm - "Targeting the Activated Conformer of Ras for Post-Translational Degradation by the Proteasome"
Ashley Smith, Yale University

2:50 pm - "DNA Sequence-Enabled Reassembly of Proteins"
Cliff Stains, University of Arizona

3:10 pm - "Targeted Detection and Discovery of Novel Phosphonates by Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometry"
Paul Thomas, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

3:30 pm - Break

Student Poster Sessions

4:00 pm - CBI Student Poster Session 1

4:45 pm - CBI Student Poster Session 2

5:30 pm - Conclusion

II. CBI Program Poster Session

Thursday evening - June 21, 2007
Natcher Conference Center Atrium, NIH campus

5:30 pm - Programs Poster Session
Descriptions of training grant programs.

7:30 pm - Conclusion

III. Student Career Session

Friday - June 22, 2007
Natcher Conference Center, Room E1/E2, NIH campus
Organized by NIH Program Staff

8:30 am - An Overview of the National Institutes of Health". A brief presentation on the NIH including history of the institute, organization of the different centers and institutes, and extramural funding.  This will be followed by a question and answer session.
Miles Fabian, NIGMS Program Director

9:15 am - Career Options Roundtable
A discussion on a variety of career options and paths with an emphasis on the CHEMISTRY-BIOLOGY interface.
Moderator: John Schwab, NIGMS Program Director

10:15 am - Break

10:30 am - Career Options Roundtable (continued)

11:30 am - NIH Intramural Science / Lunch
A poster session concurrent with lunch.

1:15 pm - Postdoctoral Research Roundtable Discussion
A discussion with NIGMS program staff on the postdoctoral experience including a presentation on the NIH postdoctoral fellowships and grantsmanship.
Richard Okita, NIGMS Program Director

2:50 pm - Exit Survey

3:00 pm - Conclusion

IV. Program Director Session

Friday - June 22, 2007
Natcher Conference Center, Room D, NIH cam - pus

Organized by NIH Program Staff

8:00 am - NIH Staff comments ​Michael Rogers, CBI Program Director
John Norvell, NIGMS Assistant Director for Training

8:15 am - What is CBI training?

Discussion Leaders

Tadhg P. Begley, Cornell University
Craig M. Crews, Yale University
Roberta F. Colman, University of Delaware
William R. Montfort, University of Arizona
Gary A. Sulikowski, Vanderbilt University

9:25 am - Morning Break

9:55 am - Cross Training Activities That Work

Discussion Leaders

Cynthia J. Burrows, University of Utah
Ken N. Houk, University California at Los Angeles
Dr. Marvin Makinen, University of Chicago
Ronen Marmorstein, The Wistar Institute
Dehua Pei, Ohio State University
Tim A. Ryan, Weill Cornell Medical College

11:05 am - Enhancing Diversity

Discussion Leaders

Kristin Bowman-James, University of Kansas
Paul A. Lindahl, Texas A&M University
Vincent L. Pecararo, University of Michigan
Ralph M. Pollack, University of Maryland, B.C.
Lynnmarie K. Thompson, University of Massachusetts

12:15 pm - NIH Intramural Science/Lunch
A joint lunch and poster session with Student Career Session.

1:15 pm - CBI Career Preparation/Expectations

Discussion Leaders

Carolyn Bertozzi, University California at Berkeley
Charles S. Craik, University California San Francisco
Laura L. Kiessling, University of Wisconsin
Mark Distefano, University of Minnesota
Wilfred A. van der Donk, University of Illinois

2:25 pm - Meeting Summary and Conclusions

Organizing Committee

Tadhg P. Begley, Cornell University
Kristin Bowman-James, University of Kansas
Charles S. Craik, University California San Francisco
Ken N. Houk, University California at Los Angeles
Dehua Pei, Ohio State University
Michael Rogers, CBI Program Director
Gary A. Sulikowski, Vanderbilt University

3:15 pm - Adjourn

Please feel free to forward any questions to Mike Rogers ( or Miles Fabian (