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January 2016 Council Meeting Agenda

Department of Health and Human Services
National Institutes of Health
Bethesda, Maryland

One Hundred and Sixtieth Meeting of the National Advisory General Medical Sciences Council
January 28-29, 2016

Natcher Building
Natcher Conference Center, Rooms E1 and E2
Telephone: 301-496-9966


Thursday, January 28, 2016, 8:30 a.m.

I. Review of Applications
Division Directors

Friday, January 29, 2016, 8:30 a.m.

II. Call to Order and Opening Remarks (45 minutes)
Dr. Jon R. Lorsch

III. Consideration of Minutes
September 17-18, 2015

IV. Confirmation of Future Meetings

May 19-20, 2016...................................Thursday-Friday
September 15-16, 2016.....................Thursday-Friday
January 26-27, 2017............................Thursday-Friday

V. Consideration of Council Operating Procedures for 2016
Dr. Jon R. Lorsch

VI. NIH Workshop on Reproducibility in Cell Culture Studies (30 minutes)
Drs. Jean Schwarzbauer, Alan Rick Horwitz and Richard Lalonde

VII. Report and Concept Clearances for Improved Support of Technology Development at NIGMS (30 minutes)

  • Exploratory Research for Development of New Technologies
  • Focused Technology Research and Development
Dr. Douglas Sheeley
Discussants: Drs. Carmen Dessauer, Alan Rick Horwitz, Janet Smith and Mark Peifer

VIII. Presentation: Analysis of the National Centers for Systems Biology Program (20 minutes)
Dr. Andrew Miklos

IX. Presentation: Assessment and Recommendations for the National Centers for Systems Biology (25 minutes)
Dr. Alan Rick Horwitz

X. Presentation: Program Project Grant (P01) Analysis (30 minutes)
Mr. Travis Dorsey

XI. Presentation: NIGMS MERIT Award Analysis (30 minutes)
Dr. Jake Basson

XII. Public Comment Period (15 minutes)

XIII. Council-Initiated Discussion

XIV. Adjournment

Friday’s proceedings will be videocast. To watch them, go to

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