Training Modules for Enhancing Biomedical Research Workforce Training (R25)

This program is intended to encourage and enable the scientific community to create and disseminate training modules that will effectively contribute to the development of the biomedical research workforce. NIGMS intends to fund the development of these training modules in distinct subject areas that are relevant to the current biomedical research workforce. The areas are described through “Notices of Special Interest” found in the “Related Notices” section in the funding announcement PAR-20-296.

The current notice NOT-GM-20-047​ is for training modules for creating safe, inclusive, and supportive research environments.

The training modules are expected to cover material not typically taught as part of current institutional coursework. However, it is expected that the developed modules could be utilized as learning material in future courses to enhance training environments. Materials should address the training needs experienced by the biomedical research workforce. The modules should be targeted to impact individuals from a broad range of scientific disciplines and career stages.

Previously funded initiatives include training modules to enhance data reproducibility.

For the benefit of the scientific community, the products are posted on the NIGMS website as they become available.

For more information about this program, read the Answers to Frequently Asked Questions, or contact Patrick H. Brown​.