Laboratory Safety


Listed below are the details of the projects funded under PA-18-758:

Title: Training in Laboratory Safety and Accident Prevention to Build a Culture of Safety
Principal Investigator: Jonathan D. Smith, Ph.D., Cleveland Clinic
A majority of the existing training at Cleveland Clinic relies on the convenience of on-line modules. Although this type of training helps to provide standardized information to a large audience, the element of didactic training with the opportunity to ask questions and participate in further discussion, is lost. Our planned training will focus on accident theory and prevention seminars, the use of case studies and small group discussion, an emphasis on common lab accidents, lab-based demonstrations on handling of chemicals and biohazards, video case studies, generation of check lists for common lab procedures, and assembly of a lab safety curriculum that can be disseminated. These additional training experiences will help to provide practical training for everyday work within a laboratory, the sharing and/or teaching of safe handling methods to others within the research laboratory and promote a culture of safety in our workplace.