Breakout Groups

Note: This is an archived page that is not updated.
  1. Expanding and Recruiting the Pool
    Terry Ann Krulwich, Ph.D. and Mark Muskavitch, Ph.D.


    • The importance of post-baccalaureate programs and collegiate partnerships.
    • Establishing reciprocal institutional alliances to identify and recruit students best suited to your respective programs.


  2. Expanding and Recruiting the Pre- and Post-Baccalaureate Pool
    Gayle R. Slaughter, Ph.D. and Gary K. Ostrander, Ph.D.


    • The untapped pool - where do you look and how do you encourage interest in graduate research?
    • Developing new partnerships and programs.


  3. Selecting Students from the Pool
    Roger Chalkley, Ph.D. and William M. Reichert, Ph.D.


    • Indicators of success and deciding how much risk to take.
    • The response of faculty and peer review to taking risks.


  4. Recruitment and Retention
    Robert J. Bloch, Ph.D. and Carlos G. Gutierrez, Ph.D.


    • Creating a supportive academic and cultural environment: the impact on student recruitment and retention.
    • Developing critical skills for success in graduate school and beyond.


  5. Recruitment and Retention
    Richard McGee, Ph.D. and Anne M.Etgen, Ph.D.


    • Involving students, faculty and programs in recruitment and retention efforts.
    • Establishing flexible curricula and approaches for developing necessary skills and promoting future success.


  6. Retention of Undergraduate and Graduate Students
    Joel D. Oppenheim, Ph.D. and Joseph C. Dunbar, Ph.D.


    • Survival skills needed for academic success at research intensive institutions.
    • Institutionalization of efforts and faculty involvement.