List of Abstracts for Poster Session

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(First Author)
Title of Abstract
Bowman-James, Kristin
University of Kansas
Diversity Efforts at the University of Kansas
Brow, David A.
University of Wisconsin
Increasing the Diversity Amongst Graduate Students in the Biological Sciences at the University of Wisconsin
Burtis, Kenneth
University of California, Davis
Participation of Under-Represented Minorities in Biomedical Research Careers: Programs to Increase Recruitment and Retention at UC Davis
Cariaga-Lo, Liza D.
Yale University
Building a Strong Community of Minority Research Scientists: The Yale University Graduate School's Recruitment Efforts in the Biomedical Sciences
Chevez, Albert T.
Stanford University
Holistic Approach to Minority Recruitment and Retention
Dunbar, Joseph C.
Wayne State University
NIGMS Programs and Twenty-Two Years of Experience at Wayne State University
Etgen, Anne M.
Albert Einstein College
Toward Increasing Diversity in the Biomedical Sciences
Grundy, Michelle
Vanderbilt University
Initiatives for Minority Recruitment and Retention in Biomedical Research and Education at Vanderbilt University
Gutierrez, Carlos G.
California State University
The Multiple Mentor Approach to Support Student Research
Krulwich, Terry Ann
Mt. Sinai School of Medicine
Pre-Doctoral Training Programs at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine: Enhancing the Pipeline and Retention of Excellent Under-Represented Minority Students
Larick, Duane
North Carolina State University
Best Practices in Recruitment and Retention of Under-Represented Minority Students
Looney, Jacqueline
Duke University
Graduate Opportunities for Minorities
Lorden, Joan F.
University of Alabama
The UAB Scientific Communication Program: Recruiting, Retaining, and Graduating Minority Students
MacDonald, Robert
Northwestern University
Direct Involvement of Faculty Members in Recruiting and Retaining Minority Graduate Students in the Life Sciences
McGee, Richard
Mayo Clinic
Promoting Research Careers Among Minority Students - A Post-Baccalaureate Program in Patient-Oriented Research
Nusbaum, Michael P.
University of Pennsylvania
Achieving Scientific Excellence Through Diversity
Olson, John S.
Rice University
Alliances for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP) at Rice University
Oppenheim, Joel D.
New York University
Recruitment and Retention of Individuals from Under-Represented Racial/Ethnic Groups to the Graduate Programs (Ph.D. and M.D./Ph.D.) at the Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences, NYU School of Medicine
Pedersen, Henrik
Rutgers University
Recruitment History and Strategies
Plater, Terry D.
Cornell University
Cornell University Combines Respect for Research and Learning with a Commitment to Making Those Opportunities Available to Promising Applicants
Quinn, Daniel M.
The University of Iowa
Minority Training in Biotechnology at the University of Iowa Through Inter-Institutional Collaboration with an Historically Black Graduate School
Raff, Elizabeth C.
Indiana University
Best Practices for Recruitment and Retention of Minority Students in the Department of Biology at Indiana University
Donald L. Riddle
University of Missouri
Minority Graduate Student Recruitment and Retention in the Life Sciences at the University of Missouri – Columbia
Gayle R. Slaughter
Baylor College of Medicine
Enhancing URM Performance and Retention in Biomedical Ph.D. Programs at Baylor College of Medicine
Michael F. Summers
University of Maryland
Expanding Participation by Minorities in the Biomedical Sciences
Richard L. Weiss
University of California, Los Angeles
Coordinated Efforts to Recruit Under-Represented Students to Biomedical Research Careers