Guidance for Interim Funding for NIGMS TWD T34 Program

NIGMS TWD will consider providing up to one-year interim funding to a T34 (MARC U-STAR) program that encounters a lapse in funding due to an unsuccessful renewal application (A0). This is done to provide support for the trainees who are currently in their final year on the program and to sustain the program while an amended application is submitted. To be eligible, the grant must be active. An award that has ended or is not in an active no-cost extension period is NOT eligible for the supplement. Also, a resubmitted renewal application (A1) is not eligible for interim funding.

Interim funding is limited to support of student trainees continuing in the program and, when strongly justified, a minimal amount for training-related activities. All applications are considered on a case-by-case basis. In making funding recommendations, only the applications that meet the following criteria are considered:

  • A renewal application (A0) submitted on time (typically a year before the grant end date) that was reviewed and received a priority score that falls within 10 points beyond the pay range.
  • Reviewers’ critiques of the A0 application, and the likelihood of the revised application successfully re-competing.
  • Strong student outcome​s.
  • Availability of funds.
  • Current grant’s unobligated balance.

Requests for interim funding must be submitted to NIGM​S staff by the institution’s Authorized Organization Representative and should include:

  • Justification for the interim funding request, to include a breakdown of direct and indirect costs. The amounts requested should adhere to the interim funding budget guidelines detailed below and all expenditures must be well justified.
  • Estimated unobligated balance remaining as of the end of the final year. If any significant balance will be available, an explanation should be provided of how this balance will be used in conjunction with the interim funding to continue program operations.
  • Names of the student(s) who will be supported during the interim funding period.

Interim Funding Budget Guidelines:

Support may be requested for students currently appointed who will be continuing their training during the interim funding period. The following budget line items should be included:

    • Stipend support for each MARC trainee using the current published stipend guidelines.
    • Tuition remission for each MARC trainee at the same level committed in the final year.
    • Up to $1,000/trainee for travel to scientific meetings/workshops.
    • Funds to support current students during their Summer Research Experience (SRE) may be requested using the standard SRE formula of $3,500/trainee ($3,750/trainee for institutions outside the continental U.S.). These SRE students must be specifically identified in the budget justification.
    • Training-Related Expenses up to 1/3 of the level committed per trainee in the final year, if strongly justified.
    • F&A costs at 8% of total direct costs excluding tuition remission. ​Interim funding is considered ONLY if there are funds available; applicants are strongly encouraged to consult with the program officer for additional details.

Interim funding is considered ONLY if there are funds available; applicants are strongly encouraged to consult with the program officer for additional details.