TWD Dashboard

This dashboard displays training, career development, fellowship, research projects and conference awards funded or administered by the NIGMS Division of Training, Workforce Development and Diversity​ as recorded in NIH Project RePORTER (updated weekly)​. It includes all currently active parent grants, as well parent grants funded in the prior fiscal year. Active grants in no-cost extension status are displayed here, however their funding amounts are neither displayed nor included in the summary totals since those funds are from past budget years. Supplements are not currently included. To learn more about the individual Programs and initiatives, visit Program webpages and reach out to the specific contact Program Officers listed on the webpage or in the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA).​


prgm: Predoctoral Basic Biomedical and Medical Science Training Programs
subprgm: Predoc Training in Biostatistics
awardsby: subprogram
activeawardsonly: Yes
Program: Predoctoral Basic Biomedical and Medical Science Training Programs
SubProgram: Predoc Training in Biostatistics
2 total awards $709,299 total awarded dollars
Project Contact PI Institution MSI FY Cong Dist NRSA Stipends Total Dollars
5T32GM132063-05 BASU, SAONLI UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA 2024 MN-05 6 $289,812
(*) Training slot counts are only available for grants with “T” mechanisms, slot counts for other mechanisms (e.g. “K”, “R”) and not available at the current time.
(†) Dollar amounts are not displayed for individually awarded supplements.
Examples of Minority Serving Institutions (MSI) include
  • PBI: NIH list of Predominantly Black Institutions (last updated for FY 2015)
  • HBCU: Historically Black Colleges & Universities (last updated for FY 2020)
  • TCU: NIH list of Tribal Colleges & Universities (last updated for FY 2015)
  • HSI: NIH list of Hispanic Serving Institutions (last updated for FY 2015)
  • AAPI: NIH list of Asian American and Pacific Islanders (last updated for FY 2015)
  • AIANSI: NIH list of American Indian and Alaska Native Serving Institutions (last updated for FY 2015)
  • CDCAI: CDC List of American Indian & Alaskan Native Orgs (last updated for FY 2010)

NCEs: these awards are currently no-cost extension​.