Faculty Programs


TWD programs foster the training and development of a strong and diverse biomedical research workforce. The division funds research training, career development and diversity-building activities through a variety of programs at the undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral, faculty and institutional levels.

Alison Gammie, Ph.D., TWD Director, Consortium Contact ​

Building Infrastructure Leading to Diversity (BUILD)(U54)

RFA-RM-18-006; Sydella Blatch; Anissa J. Brown; Edgardo Falcón-Morales; Laurie Stepanek

BUILD is a set of experimental training awards designed to implement and study innovative and effective approaches to engaging and retaining students from diverse backgrounds in biomedical research and preparing students to become future contributors to the NIH-funded research enterprise.

Coordination and Evaluation Center (CEC) (U54)

RFA-RM-18-005; Michael Sesma

The CEC coordinates consortium activities and evaluates the efficacy of the training and mentoring approaches developed by BUILD and NRMN awardees in order to disseminate effective approaches to the broader research and mentoring communities.


National Research Mentoring Network (NRMN) Phase II

NRMN Coordination Center (U24) (RFA-RM-18-003); NRMN Resource Center (U24) (RFA-RM-18-002); Michael Sesma

The Science of Mentoring, Networking and Navigating Career Transition Points –Independent research projects (U01s) (RFA-RM-18-004); Patrick H. Brown; Edgardo Falcón-Morales; Michael Sesma; Laurie Stepanek

NRMN develops mentoring and networking opportunities for biomedical researchers from diverse backgrounds, from undergraduates through early career faculty. NRMN Phase II is organized as a consortium of independent research projects, a Resource Center, and a Coordination Center. The research projects explore three primary areas of interventions intended to enhance mentoring and networking: The science of mentorship; professional networks; and, navigation of critical transition points.

The NRMN Coordination Center and the NRMN Resource Center work with the independent research projects to enhance dissemination and to promote synergies to provide evidence and resources for effective mentoring.

NRMN Phase I, FY2014 – FY2019 (U54): RFA-RM-13-017

Diversity Program Consortium Dissemination and Translation Awards (DPC DaTA) (U01)

RFA-RM-19-003; Anissa Brown; Edgardo Falcón-Morales

DPC DaTA provides an opportunity for institutions not currently part of the DPC to apply for funding to take a rigorous scientific approach to understanding the effectiveness of a biomedical research training, mentoring, or research capacity building intervention by employing DPC experimental methods.

Diversity Program Consortium Sponsored Programs Administration Development (SPAD) Program (UC2)

RFA-RM-19-004; Sydella Blatch

The SPAD program aims to increase the productivity of sponsored programs activities to enhance biomedical research and/or research training. SPAD focuses on establishing Offices of Sponsored Programs (OSPs) or enhancing the services of existing OSPs or similar entities at domestic institutions of higher learning.