Cells Quiz College Level


You can study the class notes before you take the quiz.

Question 1 : During the S phase of the cell cycle . . .

A. Cells twist themselves into an S–like shape in preparation for cell division
B. Cells start the process of cell division
C. Cells take a siesta from the hard work of cell division and are temporarily sedentary
D. DNA is replicated, or synthesized, in preparation for cell division

Question 2: True or false: The type of cell division that creates sperm and egg cells is called mitosis.

A. True
B. False

Question 3: Which of the following help cells communicate with each other?

A. Chemicals, microwaves, lipid rafts
B. Chemicals, cell phones, cilia
C. Chemicals, cilia, lipid rafts
D. Chemicals, microwaves, cilia

Question 4: The mitochondrion plays an important role as the cell’s . . .

A. Gatekeeper
B. Infection fighter
C. Power plant.
D. Molecular tether.

Question 5: What is a function of small intestine cells?

A. Help the body absorb nutrients from food
B. Deliver oxygen to digested food
C. Remove all potential toxins from digested food
D. Signal to the stomach when the intestine tract is full

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