Explore Topics Related to Computers in Biology

Thumbnail Mountains and Mouse Genes
Biostatistician studies mouse genetics to link gene combinations to traits.
Thumbnail Dr. Data
Doctor-scientist uses computers to re-classify diseases.
Thumbnail Do-It-Yourself Biology
Synthetic biologist blends engineering, biology, and computer programming to find out how life works.
Thumbnail The Family Business
Computational biologist custom designs computer software to predict the three-dimensional shapes of proteins.
Thumbnail Life Is Sweet
Biological engineer studies sugar molecules called carbohydrates.
Thumbnail A Perfect Mix
Biologist bridges biology and mathematics in her quest to track the activity of thousands of genes.
Thumbnail Taking a Byte Out of Biology
An expert on artificial intelligence gets computers to learn how to read the language hidden in our DNA.
Thumbnail NIGMS Is on Instagram!
NIGMS is now on Instagram (@NIGMS_NIH), beaming all the gorgeous science images you can’t get enough of straight to your mobile devices.
Thumbnail On the Trails of Drug-Defying Superbugs
Studying how bacteria can become resistant to the antibiotics we use to combat them could aid efforts to curb the emergence of antibiotic resistance.
Thumbnail Knowing Networks
Systems biologists study living networks to learn how the individual parts work together to make a functioning whole and what happens when these complex, dynamic systems go awry.
Thumbnail Drakes: A Mythological Model Organism
Scientists use video games to teach genetics to kids.
Thumbnail Solving the Sleeping Sickness 'Mystery'
Scientist uses climate and land cover data to model tsetse fly distribution in Nairobi, Kenya.
Thumbnail Walking the Line
Scientist uses computational modeling to simulate human movement.
Thumbnail Rx: Genome Sequence
Scientists study the human genome to find out if an individual is at risk for certain diseases.
Thumbnail Facebook
Scientists use a Facebook survey to find out how people get information about H1N1.
Thumbnail Gamers for Science
Scientists teamed with Sony to install a program on every PlayStation®3 that donates machine downtime to a research project called Folding@Home.
Thumbnail A World Without Pain
Scientists create a virtual reality program "Snow World" in an effort to reduce excessive pain in burn patients.
Thumbnail PC, M.D.?
Scientist creates a computer model of how red blood cells work.
Thumbnail In a Heartbeat
Heart rate irregularities may signal the onset of sepsis in some high-risk babies.
Thumbnail Do the Math
Researchers use different approaches to mathematically model the behavior of infectious microorganisms that impact large populations of people.