What Our Readers Are Saying

We received the following feedback about our science education materials.

Career Ideas for Students

“I use the materials in my science classes to get kids out of the textbook, looking at newer research and ideas and just to give them a broader understanding of science and perhaps as a possibility for a career.”
-- High school teacher, South Lancaster, MA

“I use the materials to get the interest of my students in the scientific fields. It gives them a variety of career options and lets them know more about the research and education available to them.”
-- Community college teacher, Cypress, CA

Absolutely FREE!!  We even pay for shipping.

“I am on a very limited budget for science and think your curriculum is very student and teacher friendly.”
-- Middle and high school science teacher, Northglenn, CO

Awesome free materials that I will use in my classroom! Thank you!"
-- Middle/high school teacher, Dexter, NY

Visually Attractive and Informative

“I use the materials like textbooks along with science textbooks. The colorful illustrations hold interest more than the textbooks.”
-- Special education teacher, Willingboro, NJ

“I have been using your publications to supplement my biology classes. The kids love the graphics and being updated with the current research.”
-- High school biology teacher, Athol, PA

Inspirational and Relevant

“I teach chemistry and AP chemistry and the number one question students ask is ‘how does this relate to me?’ I think these publications will assist me answering how chemistry affects their everyday life and why it is so important to them.”
-- High school chemistry teacher, Norfolk, VA

“I am so excited about the articles featured in your publications. They are so relevant to the content taught in my biology and chemistry classes. These will be used as real life examples for the content being covered. They are also a great way to extend reading into science class.”
-- High school biology and chemistry teacher, Jacksonville, FL

Materials that Spark Curiosity

“Years ago I ordered some of these materials to use with my genetics course in lieu of a textbook. They provided a fantastic foundation for background knowledge in a project-based learning course. Now the course has grown to be a year long biotechnology course, and I am looking to extend student exposure to these resources.”
-- High school genetics teacher, Warminster, PA

“I will hang the posters in my room to increase exposure that my students have to various organizations and possible careers in science as well as increasing curiosity.”
-- High school teacher, Gloucester, MA


Send us your feedback and let us know how you use NIGMS materials in your classroom. You can send a message to info@nigms.nih.gov or tell us when you place an order.