Drawing Down Recovery Act Funds from the Payment Management System

Note: This is an archived page that is not updated.

These instructions and examples will help you request American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds from the Payment Management System (PMS).

It is your responsibility to keep accurate records of the ARRA funds you request from PMS. Keep financial records for ARRA funds completely separate from non-ARRA funds.

  • NIH will post each ARRA grant to a new PMS account with the suffix P.
    • The new PMS account will have the same PIN as the G account except with a P suffix.
      • Example: 1234P, 12345P1.
  • When you log onto SMARTLINK to make a grant payment request:
    • Type in the PMS account from which you will request funds.
      • Type the P account number for a request from ARRA funds.
      • Type the G account number for a request from non-ARRA funds.
  • Once you have accessed the P account, the SMARTLINK system will ask for the dollar amount you are requesting.
  • Once you request the amount and click continue, SMARTLINK will list all of your ARRA grant awards as subaccounts for this PMS account.
  • You will need to distribute the total amount requested into each separate ARRA subaccount.
    • Example: You want to request a total of $20,000 from ARRA funds.
      • You have four ARRA awards listed in the P account.
      • Each ARRA award is listed separately as a subaccount.
      • You want to request $5,000 on each ARRA subaccount.
      • You type in $5,000 on each subaccount request line then click the Request Payment button.
      • $5,000 is requested and processed on each of the four ARRA awards, for a total request of $20,000.

272 Federal Cash Transactions Reports

The following is information on ARRA 272 Federal Cash Transactions Reports (FCTR):

  • Each PMS P account will have a separate 272 FCTR created on a quarterly basis.
  • When you log into the Electronic 272 Reporting link, there will be two 272 reports from which to choose: the G account for non-ARRA reporting and the P account for ARRA reporting.
  • To be in compliance with reporting requirements, you must complete and submit each 272 quarterly.

Contact Information

If you have questions about drawing down Recovery Act Funds or reporting on Federal cash transactions, contact:

Lori Burge
Grants Management Team Leader
National Institute of General Medical Sciences
National Institutes of Health