Feedback on Retention Strategies

Date: September 25, 2006
Name: Clara B. Jones, Ph.D.
Institution: Fayetteville State University
Comment: I am the new Program Director-Principal Investigator for RISE @Fayetteville State University. Among innovations initiated or planned, perhaps two are worthy of note. We have begun a "Model-Apprentice Project" between (1) advanced student (the model) and student apprentice; between (2) faculty researcher (the model) and student apprentice; and, between (3) advanced faculty (the model) and apprentice faculty researcher. We are collecting data on outcomes of this evidence-based project derived from social learning theory emphasizing modeling (observational learning) and self-efficacy. I have developed a "Student Researcher Inventory" consisting of 61 characteristics representative of scientific researchers. We hope that the inventory can be standardized and that it will prove predictive. I would be happy to share this inventory per request.