NIGMS Glue Grants Outcomes Assessment

Note: This is an archived page that is not updated.

NIGMS has conducted an assessment of the outcomes of its Large-Scale Collaborative Project Awards (glue grant) Program.

The purpose of the glue grant program was to provide resources for scientists who were already funded at the time to form research teams to tackle complex problems of central importance to biomedical science and to the NIGMS mission, but beyond the means of any one research group. A high level of funds could be requested to allow participating investigators to form a consortium to address the research problem in a comprehensive and highly integrated fashion.

Glue Grant Definition, FOA History and Budget Information

The goal of this assessment was to determine whether the outcomes of the five awards that had ended or were nearing an end at that time had been commensurate with the scope of these awards and the investment in them. The specific projects evaluated were:

The objective was not to judge the success or failure of any particular project, but rather the outcomes of the glue grant program as a whole and to consider potential future options for support of collaborative research.

The report consists of five major sections: