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PSI:Biology (program ended 7/1/2015)

Note: This is an archived page that is not updated.

Protein Structure Initiative (PSI): BiologyDuring the current PSI:Biology phase, highly organized networks of investigators are applying the paradigm of high-throughput structure determination, which was successfully developed during the earlier phases of the PSI, to study a broad range of important biological and biomedical problems. The initiative is making resources for high-throughput structure determination available to a larger community of scientists than has been engaged to date. The majority of targets for structure determination are defined through consortium partnership arrangements and an open, on-going community nomination process. Additional targets are defined through biological theme projects of the structure determination centers.

Background Information

Learn more about the goals of PSI:Biology

PSI:Biology Network

View the organizational structure of the PSI:Biology network and how the different components interact.

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