MIDAS Cooperative Agreements: Research Centers (U54)

​​​​​​​​​By Rich Haddock​​​
  •  Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics

    Principal Investigator: Marc Lipsitch, D.Phil., Harvard School of Public Health


    This center applies mathematical and statistical modeling methods to public health problems, with particular focus on the impact of vaccine use on the evolution of pathogens.

  • Center for Inference and Dynamics of Infectious Diseases

    Principal Investigator: M. Elizabeth Halloran, M.D., D.Sc., Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center


    This center oversees a collaborative effort among eight research institutions across the United States focusing on a multidisciplinary approach to computational, statistical and mathematical modeling of influenza, dengue fever, polio and other infectious diseases. The center also supports training and outreach programs in infectious disease modeling.
  • Computational Models of Infectious Disease Threats

    Principal Investigator: Donald Burke, M.D., University of Pittsburgh


    This center focuses on developing innovative software and data resources to build a computational framework for reconstructing and predicting infectious disease dynamics and evaluating interventions.