NIGMS Ends Priority Score/Percentile Score Experiment

Release Date:

At its January 1998 meeting, the National Advisory General Medical Sciences Council discussed the NIGMS priority score/percentile score experiment, in response to some concerns expressed by grantees and reviewers. This experiment was developed as a result of observations that the existing system, which employs numbers calculated to three digits, yields scores that imply far more precision than they should. In the experiment, priority scores were reported in 10-unit intervals, such as 140 or 210, rather than in unit intervals, such as 137 or 214. Percentile rankings for scored applications were rounded and reported to the nearest odd digit. For example, percentile scores between 32.1 and 34.0 were reported as 33.

The Council concluded that NIGMS should end the experiment and return its priority score and percentile reporting to the regular format used by the rest of NIH. This change will be made at the summer review round for applications that were submitted in February and March 1998 and that will go to the October 1998 Council.

Inquiries about this change may be directed to Dr. Ann A. Hagan, Acting Associate Director, Division of Extramural Activities, NIGMS.