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Job Vacancies

Deputy Director for Extramural Activities; Division of Extramural Activities

This position requires an individual with in-depth knowledge of extramural policies and procedures who can serve as a resource to Institute staff and the extramural community in these areas. The successful applicant must be articulate and able to write clearly about complex issues; know the rules and regulations governing grants and cooperative agreements; be the key person for Institute referral activities; coordinate development and publishing of funding opportunity announcements; oversee the Grants Administration Branch and its activities to ensure efficient function; and assist with Institute preparations for Council meetings. In addition, this person needs strong interpersonal skills, analytical capability, leadership and problem-solving ability.

The link to this job will be available from October 3-12.

This position is a GS-15/Supervisory one; for more information contact Ann Hagan, Ph.D.

Branch Chief; Pharmacological and Physiological Sciences Branch; Division of Pharmacology, Physiology, and Biological Chemistry

The successful individual will have a background in and knowledge of one or more of the basic and/or clinical scientific areas represented in the Pharmacological and Physiological Sciences Branch: pharmacology or clinical pharmacology, toxicology, anesthesiology, physiology, immunobiology, sepsis, wound healing, or trauma and burn injury. Competence will be reflected in an advanced degree, research training and independent laboratory research, or the equivalent. The most qualified applicant will be familiar with NIH procedures, rules and regulations related to management and review of grants, contracts or cooperative agreements. The skills necessary for the position include the ability to communicate complex scientific topics orally and in writing, ability to supervise and lead others and engage in consensus-building, and familiarity with policies and recent developments at NIH, especially regarding research involving human subjects and clinical studies. Evidence of additional experience that is highly desirable includes leadership, mentoring, project management, analysis and problem-solving, and excellent interpersonal skills.

The link to this job will be available from October 3-12.

This position will be open at the GS-15/Supervisory Level; for more information contact Rochelle Long, Ph.D.

Program Director (Health Science Administrator); Biomedical Technology Branch; Division of Biomedical Technology, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology

The Biomedical Technology Branch of the Division of Biomedical Technology, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology of NIGMS seeks a program director with expertise in the development and application of advanced technologies in biomedical research. Expertise in the following areas is of particular interest: structural biology technologies covering X-ray methods, including macromolecular crystallography, scattering, and spectroscopy and cryo-electron microscopy methods, including single particle, tomographic and micro-electron diffraction applications; and bioanalytical technologies, including mass spectrometry, separations and protein chemistry.

The link to this job will be available from October 3-12.

This position will be open at the GS-12/13/14 Level; for more information contact Douglas Sheeley, Sc.D.

For more information specifically about NIGMS and this hiring process, contact Claudia Gonzalez.

For more information about the vacancy announcements please contact Sandra Muñoz-Cintrón. To learn more about NIH-wide recruitments, please visit

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