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Budget, Financial Management & Congressional Material

In Fiscal Year 2014, NIGMS' budget is $2.359 billion. The vast majority of this money funds grants to scientists at universities, medical schools, hospitals and research institutions throughout the country. NIGMS expects to support nearly 4,550 research grants--about 10.5 percent of the research grants funded by NIH as a whole. NIGMS also supports approximately 26 percent of the trainees who receive assistance from NIH. More budget and financial management information about the Institute can be found under the headings below.

Congressional Justifications

Detailed budget justification reports to Congressional appropriations subcommittees.

NIGMS Director's Statements to Appropriations Subcommittees

The NIGMS director’s testimony to Congressional appropriations subcommittees.

NIGMS Fiscal Year 2014 Operating Plan

NIGMS Fiscal Year 2014 Financial Management Plan

This page last reviewed on March 21, 2014